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The Start of a New Adventure: Asking Dad


Kendra’s Father, Bill

Written September 27th 2012

Tomorrow is the day I ask Kendra to marry me. I talked to her father yesterday to ask for permission. That was probably one of the hardest and most stressful things I have ever had to do. I can honestly not imagine what it will belike if I have daughters one day and their boyfriend comes up to me to ask for permission. I wonder If I will see it coming at all. I would probably have to screw with them a bit though. If they knew me well enough at that point I’m sure they would know. “Can I have your daughter’s hand in marriage?”, “You do know that she used to be a man right?” That will get them. I might have to record it too!

We got to Kendra’s parents house around 9:15 last night to pick up the fishing boat for this weekend. While her father, Bill, and I were putting the gas motor on the small aluminum fishing boat that we were going to bring up to the cabin, Kendra was inside chatting with here mom. This is was perfect opportunity, but I stalled. I had an opportunity to ask her dad for his permission about a week and a half ago while wet were out in their garden grabbing some bell peppers to take home, but I stalled then too. I chickened out and missed the best and only opportunity I had to ask to that point. I couldn’t let the last opportunity pass me by just like it did before.

I gathered my strength and was about to ask again. My heart was beating out of my chest, like when your watching your favorite football team about to kick the winning field goal against a team that they have never beaten in the regular season only times 100. (Not a Ravens vs. Patriots reference 😉 ) but I chickened out again. I was yelling at myself on the inside. Why couldn’t I ask?! Why did I choke every time I got close to saying it? Finally we were about to go inside when I had no choice left. “So my plan this weekend is to ask your daughter to marry me,” I said, “And I would like your permission and blessing before I do.” He said that was fine. It was kinda of the reaction that my parents had the first time I told them that I was buying an engagement ring. It was a sense of, “I really have not clue how to react, so I’m just not going to react.”

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be part of this family. I have almost felt a part of it since the first time I met them last November. I know Kendra will say yes when I ask, but my heart is already beating out of my chest for that one and I still have about another 33 hours to wait for that question

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