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So Yeah, I Got Married


KendraNBryanA 176On September 7th of this year I married the love of my life. I honestly cannot believe it has been over a month now since that whole thing went down. My beautiful wife Kendra and I settled into our new place together, we bought our first ‘new’ piece of furniture (that actually got delivered today), and we have loved every minute of it so far!

I am not about to be the one that starts giving advice on how to be married happy. We have only been working on it for 40 days so far. I will share a few things though that you should be ready for in the few weeks leading up to and few weeks after the wedding.

You never know how much ‘stuff’ you really have until you move in together. Another big thing that could go with this one is to never try to move right before you get married. The lease in my old apartment was going to be up the day Kendra and I were scheduled to get married. We had 2 options, pay for another month with a 20% increase of what I was already paying and move after the wedding, or suck it up and move before the wedding. We picked that latter. Not only did we have to find an apartment, clean it, pack all the stuff from my old apartment, clean my old apartment, pack all the stuff that Kendra had at her parents, move it, and unpack everything, we had to do the last-minute preparations for our wedding too! Nearly 2 months after we moved in there is still stuff scattered all over the place in boxes just waiting to be unpacked. My kayak is still out in the yard because we can’t find a place for it yet. We also have an attic that’s already full. We are getting there though and having a fun time doing it.

KendraNBryanA 010One piece of advice, don’t wait until the night before you have to leave for the venue to start packing all the decorations up. This doesn’t really apply if you’re paying a company to set everything up for you, but in this day and age, more and more people are doing everything themselves trying to save money where ever they can. Kendra and I were up till 4 am packing all the decorations and things on Thursday night before we had to leave. Not the best plan.

Finally, be ready to go with the flow. Things will happen, the flowers wont be able to be picked up until a day after you expected them to be, people you expect to show up at a certain time will not, and the people you least expect will step up and save the day. There were countless things that “went wrong” compared to what we originally had planned for the weekend, but you would never have guessed it if you were a guest. We talked  early on that we knew that things would go wrong and all we could do was decided how we would handle it when it did. As long as people had a good time we were happy, and everyone did have a great time.

KendraNBryanA 596

Planning and executing a wedding is one of the most stressful things that I have ever done, and it is the most stressful thing that Kendra and I’s relationship has ever gone through. Thinking back on it, it was a good thing and really grew us closer together as a couple. We didn’t have time to analyze what was going on, we just had to run with it and trust that the other could handle it.

One of the things that we have asked people who have been married a long time is for advice to a successful, God honoring, and long-lasting marriage, so if anyone reading this would like to leave some advice down in the comments, please feel free to do so! We would like to thank everyone for all the love and support that they have given us over the last few months. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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