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500 Days of Marriage


Today marks the 500th day of being married to the woman of my dreams. It has been 500 days since we said our “I do”s. I decided to go back and reread my vows that I made to her over a year ago. Here they are:

I vow to love you from now till forever, no matter how many more fish you catch than me, no matter how much time you spend beading or painting, as long as I’m alive, there will never be someone else that will get the love that I have for you.

I vow to be there when your sick, when your pretending to not feel well so we don’t have to do anything that day, when your happy and excited, when your laughing and crying, and for every other moment in between.

I vow to help you when there are heavy boxes that need to be carried, when you are feeling down and just need to get cheered up, and 50 years from now when you turn 75 and I’m still 74, I will still be here to love you and the family that we will have started.

I vow to put you at the place of highest honor in my life, to put you before myself, and when I don’t have the right words to say, I vow to be there and listen.

I vow to honor you with all that I am and with all that I do, no matter where I am or who I am with, you are first in my heart, and I vow that I will teach our family to have a love for The Lord, and that our love and marriage will be an example and inspiration for them and others as we honor God in all we do.

Just reading back over these brought a tear to my eye.

Kendra – I know that things are not always easy, sometimes they seem downright impossible, but I do know that the two of us together can do anything we set our mind to. You are the love of my life from the moment we met, 709 days later to our wedding and 500 days later to now and 10,000 days into out future. I love you!

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